Honouring the Birthing Process

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Like any birth, allow me some indulgence time to fully appreciate, reflect and bathe in the light of this beautiful moment… the birthing of Sacred.Feminine.Practice. To honour its arrival at this moment in time, to show gratitude to my doulas along the way, and to celebrate the creation of an innate knowing and calling.

I believe we intrinsically know our purpose, our inner calling, however we suppress it for various reasons. Perhaps we don’t trust ourselves, or we wait for validation from others, or we simply don’t believe we have anything unique to offer. How can that be! If our fingerprints, iris and voice are so incredibly unique to each and every one of us, surely our gifts are too.

As women, we often push aside our own gifts. We are the supporters and nurturers of all those around us. As the feminine is more inclined to embody the beautiful trait of humility, we have the capacity to shine the light on the gifts of others, whilst often neglecting our own. It’s as if we have been unconsciously taught as women, that humility and honouring one’s gifts cannot co-exist. When in reality, a gift grounded in humility and service, will undoubtedly make the greatest impact of all. This is the gift of the sacred feminine.

It may have taken me a while to learn this lesson… but everything happens at its precise time. We need time to understand, grow, evolve and expand, time allows us to practice patience and to cultivate wisdom. And it is for this reason, I know and trust that this is the right time for the birth of Sacred.Feminine.Practice.

Upon this journey there have been a number of beautiful women that have walked beside me ever so gently whom I wish to thank. Nehad… your promise to God I treasure daily. Thank you for being such a beautiful mirror. Bushra… you may never fully know just how much Mizan brought me Home. I will forever be indebted to you. Sumaya… the level of sincerity and intent you bring to your work is what makes every piece a spiritual experience to behold. And to my daughters whose names are engraved in my heart, Haleema and Saajeda… thank you for being such inspiring individuals. Not a day goes by that I don’t offer gratitude for the gift of you.

I believe the greatest gift of all is to know one’s purpose and live a life of God consciousness. To see The Divine Oneness in every moment and in every breath, to evolve and heal from our pain, overcome our ego and live from a place of compassion and love. My deepest hope is that this too will be the gift of Sacred.Feminine.Practice.

With love & peace

Saara Sandra Sabbagh

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