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I have traversed the path of both spirituality and the feminine for as far back as I can remember. For me the two are deeply connected and point to one another. How can one witness beauty of any sort and not marvel at the beauty of the Divine Oneness? And how can one approach The Divine without the humility and surrendered heart of the feminine?

A surrendered heart requires an innate knowing of one’s place in the universe. It requires a deep inquiry into purpose, a remembering and of a returning to what one knows to be true. It requires healing ones past pains, aligning one’s compass and finding the appropriate holistic support so that a sustainable shift may be maintained.​


Working with women upon their healing and spiritual path has been my life calling. For over three decades I have been humbled and honoured to walk alongside women in their pain, their joys and their challenges.


Whether it is womb work, coaching, spiritual mentoring or physical healing… I will walk beside you, hold your hand ever so gently and guide you back to your innate knowing.


With love

Saara Sandra Sabbagh

"He who knows himself knows his Lord."

- Prophet Muhammad (peace &blessings be upon him)


The practice of meditation is one of the most important spiritual tools in today's chaotic and stressful world. The Islamic tradition is grounded in the daily practice of meditation using various techniques such as breath work, visualisation, dhikr and the most important and transformational of all - The Salat.

As a meditation teacher, I offer a spiritual based led meditation that is intended to ground, heal and reconnect with Oneness.

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Guiding women upon their inner path is something that brings me immense joy, for this has been my life journey also. Overcoming spiritual blockages, healing stored emotions and creating new positive choices to embody a compassionate heart is what I believe the evolution of our humanity is all about! How can we show up in our highest state? How can we practice forgiveness, gentleness and compassion to ourselves and others (even when the pain still stings!) 

I offer you the coaching and support you need to make sustainable shifts in yourself and your daily inner practice. It’s not discipline that holds us back, but rather it's having the right tools and support to make sustainable changes.

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Mizan is an Arabic word that means balance. By using traditional reproductive healing techniques, Mizan Therapists seek to restore balance when life feels unbalanced – physically, emotionally or spiritually.


Personally, nothing has brought me home to myself more than Mizan Therapy. Not only did it assist with my heavy and painful bleeding, but it aligned my feminine and masculine energies which were running a havoc with hormone imbalance, iron deficiency, fatigue and much more. My incredible results with Mizan is what spurred me to study this ancient practice of womb massage and healing. 


The womb has been traditionally known as the second heart of the feminine. Once we understand this, we can come to understand the impact of the health of the womb on our overall wellbeing as women.


If you are struggling with menstrual pain, fertility, PCOS, digestive issues, IBS or menopause, Mizan Therapy can assist with these and so much more.

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A women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, authentically share, be heard, develop self-awareness and insight while connecting in a supportive community of like-minded women. It’s what women have done throughout all cultures since the beginning of time. They may have gathered ever so naturally over meal preparations, washing clothes by the river or counselling each other around the fire.


As the modern world became more and more deprived of family & community bonds, the first loss was the sacred feminine connection. Today, a women’s circle is our way of reconnecting, supporting and passing on knowledge and wisdom.


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“Mizan Therapy is a holistic approach to my emotional and physical wellbeing. It taught me to offer myself the same empathy and compassion I so readily offer to others.“

—  valued client